Germany's Paul Weiler was re-elected as ITF President at the Congress in Tampere ©ITF

Germany's Paul Weiler has been re-elected as President of the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) at the Congress here on a ticket which also included a senior vice-president, vice-president and treasurer.

The ITF staged elections for the senior positions on the Board of Directors under a "closed list" system, which required the four roles to be elected together.

Canada's Clint Norman has been re-elected as senior vice-president, with Belgium's Annick van Driessche becoming vice-president and Israel's Leonardo Oros Duek returned as treasurer.

Previous vice-presidents Russia's Lazaros Tsilfidis and Australia's Michael Daher were not on the closed list for re-election.

The closed list was elected unopposed by acclamation of the 57 countries with voting rights in attendance, and they are all due to serve a four-year term until 2027.

Weiler was first elected as ITF President in 2019 at the Congress in Inzell in Germany, and has targeted developing taekwon-do in Asia as "the main future project".

He had previously served as ITF vice-president from 2003 and then senior vice-president from 2011, and claimed to have had "a very good relationship" with ITF founder Choi Hong-hi.

During his 20-minute presentation to the Congress, Weiler outlined seven goals covering protecting the legacy of Choi, global development of taekwon-do, promoting women in the sport, teamwork with ITF Committees, added impetus to existing programmes, continued work to improve the organisational structure and negotiations with other organisations.

Paul Weiler of Germany has served as ITF President since 2019, and outlined seven goals for his second term to the Congress ©ITG
Paul Weiler of Germany has served as ITF President since 2019, and outlined seven goals for his second term to the Congress ©ITG

The final point included seeking cooperation with World Taekwondo, the governing body recognised by the International Olympic Committee, and other ITF groups claiming to be the original organisation founded in 1966 after splits following the death of Choi in 2002.

Weiler is President of the ITF which is now registered in Switzerland and completing the process of relocating from Spain.

Norman was first elected as senior vice-president in 2019, while van Driessche was elected as a member of the Board in the same year.

Oros Duek was elected as All Europe Taekwon-Do Federation President in 2021, and became treasurer of the ITF in 2019.

New Zealand's Mark Banicevich and England's Philip Lear were the only other incumbent Board members standing for re-election.

Lear topped the polling of the 10-candidate election with 91 votes from a possible 127, while Banicevich beat Niklas Enander of Sweden 71-56 on a run-off for the fifth and final Board position after both had polled 66 in the first round.

Slovakia's Martina Lenhardtová was second in the polling with 88 votes, followed by Romania's Cosmin Oprescu with 71 and Luis Gato-Gato of Puerto Rico with 67.

As well as Enander, Francisco Ferrando of Spain with 65 votes, Abelardo Benzaquén of Argentina with 55, Nurisa Mambatalieva of Kyrgyzstan with 32 and Brian Buck of Costa Rica with 19 failed to secure election to the Board.

The Congress held prior to the ITF World Championships also approved Andorra and Nepal as new members of the International Federation, taking its number of voting members in attendance at the gathering up to 57.