The JJIF has held a seminar to update stakeholders on its sustainability initiatives ©JJIF

The Ju-Jitsu International Federation (JJIF) has marked Earth Week by hosting a seminar reporting on its sustainability activities.

The governing body's head of sustainability Tsegaye Degineh led the online event discussing the 17 United Nations sustainable development goals and how the JJIF is helping to achieve them.

The JJIF has been a signatory of the Sports for Climate Action Framework which saw it commit to undertaking systemic efforts to promote greater environmental responsibility, reduce overall climate impact, and educate for climate action.

It is also committed to promoting sustainable and responsible consumption and advocating for climate action through communication as part of the Framework.

Participants of Sports for Climate Action are expected to incorporate these principles into their strategies, policies and procedures, and push them into the mainstream within the sports community.

JJIF head of sustainability Tsegaye Degineh led the seminar which was held online ©JJIF
JJIF head of sustainability Tsegaye Degineh led the seminar which was held online ©JJIF

It is hoped that this will "set the stage for a wider dissemination of the message and long-term success."

The JJIF established JJ4Good to help it achieve positive change towards protecting children, inclusion and empowerment as well as sustainable sport.

Other environmental initiatives undertaken by the JJIF include reducing paper at its events.

Since 2017, all information produced by the organisation has been made available online - cutting out thousands of copies - and you can also follow events using an app.

In Colombia, a project has been launched which encourages athletes to donate their gi - the ju-jitsu uniform - to children from disadvantaged backgrounds.