The 2024 IBA Youth World Championships will be held in Croatia ©IBA

The International Boxing Association (IBA) has announced that its 2024 Youth World Championships will take place in Poreč in Croatia.

This will be the first time that Croatia has staged a global boxing event, having only held continental competitions in the past.

It has also been confirmed that the IBA will be bringing back a global event for boxers aged 15 and 16, with the Junior World Boxing Championships taking place in Mexico.

"These events will provide opportunities for young boxers to showcase their skills and motivate the younger generation to take up sports," the IBA said.

It comes with the IBA still frozen out by the International Olympic Committee and unable to organise the tournament at the Paris 2024 Olympics.

"Our meeting was a great opportunity for the IBA Board of Directors to come together and discuss important issues related to the future of boxing," said Umar Kremlev, the IBA President, after the decisions were made after the Women's World Championships in New Delhi.

The Youth World Championships were last held in Spain in November  ©IBA
The Youth World Championships were last held in Spain in November ©IBA

"The IBA Women's World Boxing Championships showcased the high level of women's boxing worldwide, and I am grateful to the local organisers for the great work done. 

"We will continue doing our utmost for our athletes, and the revival of the Junior World Boxing Championships is a great testimony to that. 

"I am looking forward to witnessing a great step forward for grassroots sport. 

"I would also like to congratulate Croatia on a successful bid, as the next year's milestone for youth boxers is now set."

The Youth World Championships are for boxers aged 17 and 18 and were last held in La Nucia in Spain in November.

An event for 15 and 16-year-old boxers has not been held for boys since 2015 in Saint Petersburg, while a girls' tournament took place in Guwahati in India in 2017.