BIHUB was launched in 2017 to help the club improve data collection to find better talent ©FCB

The Barcelona Innovation Hub will be partnering up with start-ups Visualfy and OLIVER, as they look to find a new strategy for the centre of innovation and knowledge.

Barcelona Football Club's President Joan Laporta expressed that the relationship with the start-ups will help promote enterprising talent in sports, helping in the understanding of development.

Visualfy develops technology that aids people with hearing disabilities attend sporting venues, by providing visual alerts.

"Everyone should have equal access to stadiums, and that the Visualfy technology will help make this a reality," said Laporta.

Visualfy chief executive Manel Alcaide provided an explanation of the importance of the product.

OLIVER and Visualfy will be part of a new strategy to improve development for BIHUB ©FCB
OLIVER and Visualfy will be part of a new strategy to improve development for BIHUB ©FCB

"We work for all types of clients, because our product can be used equally at a train station or in a sporting facility," said Alcaide.

"Additionally, it is suitable for both people with hearing disabilities and use at locations with high levels of noise pollution."

OLIVER is a company that provides accessible data management, helping football communities improve knowledge of the sport as a performance reviewing device is placed on their leg inside a sock.

OLIVER chief executive José González Ruzo said that the proposal "brings elite technology to all sports sectors in society, combining wearable, artificial intelligence with a 100 per cent gamified mobile app to improve footballers' performance. 

"We currently work with 95 teams in more than 20 countries."

The ultimate goal would be to attract talent locally and globally by identifying the players who best fit their goals.