Jamaica's Paralympic Day will have the theme "I'm phenomenal" ©Getty Images

Jamaica's upcoming Paralympic Day will lead to greater awareness of the country's athletes, it is hoped.

This year's edition of the event has been given the theme "I'm phenomenal".

Christopher Samuda, the President of both the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) and the Jamaica Paralympic Association, said he hoped the theme would give the day more meaning.

The day will take place on March 11 and launched with a preview event at the JOA headquarters.

"This Paralympic Day differs from our first Paralympic Day because we didn't have a philosophy that underpinned the activity," said Samuda to the Jamaica Gleaner.

"This year is 'I'm Phenomenal'. 

"This year is making the possible out of the impossible, and we are telegraphing that to our athletes for them to understand that their destinies are in their hands."

Samuda said he was aiming to put increased emphasis on education.

Jamaica is hoping to increase awareness of its Para-athletes ©Getty Images
Jamaica is hoping to increase awareness of its Para-athletes ©Getty Images

"There is a public campaign to recognise Para-athletes for their prowess and their capacity, and I have always felt that education must be your first port of call," he said.

"In the Paralympic Movement, we don't treat them with disabilities, they have abilities and we are honing their competencies both on the field of play as well as in the classroom. 

"So that, after sports, which has a shelf life, they can make themselves useful to society." 

Jamaica has won 21 gold medals at the Summer Paralympics, but 18 of these came before 1980.

They drew a medal blank at both Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020.