USA Triathlon has released schedules for its Women's Series and Gravel Series ©Getty Images

USA Triathlon has launched its Women's Series and the Gravel Series, while also renewing a longstanding partnership with medal supplier Ashworth Awards.

The inaugural Women's Series, which will only be contested by female competitors, is due to start its 15-event schedule on April 22 with the Mighty Mujer Triathlon in the Texas city of El Paso.

It is then scheduled to travel to 10 different US states with the Ramblin' Rose Series Chapel Hill in North Carolina marking the end of the calendar on October 1.

"Our sport has always been unique in that the pioneers of our sport established parity from the early days of professional racing and that parity has become a part of the foundation of our sport at all levels," said USA Triathlon chief executive Victoria Brumfield.

"We appreciate the work being done by these local race directors who are carrying on this tradition and supporting more opportunities for women to get involved in our sport as it's one of our organisation's guiding principles and at the core of what we do."

The Gravel Series is then set to take place from May 7, with the XTERRA New Jersey in Vernon, until it concludes on October 22's with the Brick House Triathlon and Duathlon in Navasota in Texas.

The second event in the Series is due to be held in conjunction with the second USA Triathlon Gravel National Championships on June 2 in Fayetteville in Arkansas.

"Gravel triathlon is an exciting way for athletes to test their skills and try a unique race experience, and not surprisingly it has taken off in popularity," Brumfield said.

"It's such a fun and accessible way to be a part of the multisport lifestyle, and a discipline I am very passionate about.

"Most weekends, and even some weekdays, you can find me on my gravel bike around Colorado.

"We are thrilled to again partner with local USA Triathlon race directors across the country to offer the second year of the USA Triathlon Gravel Triathlon Series and help expose more people to gravel."

The medals for both Series are due to be provided by Ashworth Awards after it renewed its deal with the governing body for the 2023 season.

The Massachusetts-based company has been in partnership with USA Triathlon since 2013.

"USA Triathlon's partnership with Ashworth Awards has allowed us to provide countless memories and mementos for our constituent members, helping to create another connection to the sport," said Brumfield.

"It's the lasting memories and sense of pride in accomplishment that encourage people to keep training and competing and Ashworth Awards helps us create that."