Aleena Timofeeva felt inspired following the UTS World Youth Festival ©FIAS

Sambo ambassador Alena Timofeeva has been left "inspired" by the United Through Sports (UTS) World Youth Festival which took place in Bangkok last month.

Timofeeva was present in Thailand's capital to represent the International Sambo Federation (FIAS) having previously only participated remotely for previous editions.

"I was immensely inspired by the speeches of Ezra Frech, a Paralympic high jumper, Husnah Kukundawke, a Ugandan Paralympic swimmer, and Bassam Murthasa, a national Maui Thai champion from Sri Lanka," said Timofeeva.

"They spoke about the value of sport and the way it changed and impacted their lives."

The 14-year-old was chosen as one of 15 ambassadors for her sport and spoke highly of the Festival's programme which featured seminars, forums, and sporting activities.

She participated in the Opening Ceremony in a flag parade with fellow ambassadors.

"I'm delighted and grateful to UTS and FIAS for this experience," she added.

"Participation in such events gives us a bigger perspective on the world and shows our young generation's power.

"The way we communicated and became friends in such a short period and the number of things we learned from each other makes me believe that we will be able to build a better future for everyone."

Sambo is developing around the world and is aiming for inclusion at the Olympics as its ultimate goal.

Last year, the FIAS took a stride towards that as it secured full International Olympic Committee recognition.

Prior to that it had held provisional recognition for three years in 2018.