The registration window has opened for athletes hoping to compete in Belgrade ©IMMAF

Athlete registration has opened for the 2022 International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) World Championships due to take place at Štark Arena in Belgrade from February 11 to 18 next year.

The deadline for entries has been set for January 13, with the top 32 ranked countries receiving a priority option to enter one athlete in each weight division by a cut-off date of December 21.

"This is the IMMAF flagship event where athletes gather from around the world on the biggest stage for amateur MMA," said IMMAF President Kerrith Brown.

"We have found a partner in the Serbian MMA Federation with all of the human and financial resources to make this happen.

"On behalf of the IMMAF Board of Directors, I would like to extend my gratitude and congratulations to the President of the host federation Mr Luka Nikolić for securing these championships."

After the cut-off date for the top 32 nations, brackets will then be opened to all National Federations who then also have a priority option to enter one athlete in each weight division.

If there are spaces still available after that stage, the top 32 countries will then be able to register a second athlete in each division.

Counties ranked 33 and below can enter a second competitor on a first come, first served basis by January 13.

"As President of the MMA Federation of Serbia, it is a great honour for me that we will be the hosts in Belgrade," said Nikolić.

"I wish good health to all national teams, coaches and fighters so they can show their best skills on the days of the championships."

There are set to be bouts in both senior and junior classifications at the World Championships in Belgrade, with six weight divisions for female athletes in both and 10 for male athletes.