#BringTheMoves is looking to get more young people into exercise ©FIFA

Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson Becker and former Ivory Coast striker Didier Drogba are helping young people to get into exercise through FIFA's partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO), thanks to the #BringTheMoves challenge.

FIFA and WHO are working on the initiative with the Ministry of Public Health in Qatar and the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy.

Although Alisson and Drogba are the faces of the challenge, it is extended to players at the FIFA World Cup to copy celebrations posted on social media after scoring a goal.

Young people are encouraged to show off their celebrations on social media, with hopes that one of the stars of the tournament copies it.

"We know the negative impact on children's health that a lack of exercise can have, and football can use the significant platform of this FIFA World Cup to spread that message in this exciting and engaging way," said FIFA President Gianni Infantino.

"This challenge not only unites children with their heroes but utilises the most digital-ever World Cup to send the message that we all need to be active and drives awareness also for parents that children need 60 minutes of physical exercise a day. 

"At the moment, that is not the case for 80 per cent of adolescents around the world."

Alisson is one of the WHO Goodwill Ambassadors ©Getty Images
Alisson is one of the WHO Goodwill Ambassadors ©Getty Images

Drogba and Alisson are WHO Goodwill Ambassadors, with the Brazilian in his national team for the competition, set to start on Sunday (November 20).

"I support the #BringTheMoves challenge because I really believe kids have to be active," said Alisson.

"They need to be active for the good of their future as they are growing up. 

"I [can] see that we, football players, can be an inspiration for them as well. 

"So, if we can have fun with them and make them move their bodies a little bit, we're going to be happy."

Alisson's Brazil start their World Cup campaign in Qatar against Serbia on Thursday (November 24).