Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said that hosting the 2026 UN Climate Change Conference would be "about the mid-point between now and the 2032 Olympic Games" ©Getty Images

Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner has put his weight behind his home city, which is to host the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, to stage the 2026 United Nations (UN) Climate Change Conference.

Schrinner has travelled to Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt for the ongoing COP27, and suggested the Australian city would be an ideal location.

"We are the closest Australian state to the Pacific Islands, we have easy access in and out of Brisbane to those islands, and it'll be about the mid-point between now and the 2032 Olympic Games," he said, as reported by public broadcaster ABC.

"We can talk about preparations for Olympics, sustainability of the city, and what the state is achieving with its renewable energy plan.

"There are a whole heap of reasons why Brisbane would be the perfect location to have those 30,000 delegates come to the city."

He claimed his invitation to COP27 was a knock-on benefit of Brisbane being a future host of the Olympics and Paralympics in 10 years' time.

Australia is reportedly seeking support for its hopes of staging the conference jointly with Pacific Islands in 2026, and he added that he believed this could draw attention to the impact of climate change in the region.

"We know the Pacific Islands are some of the places that are experiencing and will experience the devastating impacts of climate change so it's appropriate to do it together." Schrinner said.

Adrian Schrinner claimed that his attendance at COP27 was
Adrian Schrinner claimed that his attendance at COP27 was "one of the opportunities that comes out of Brisbane's hosting of the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games" ©Getty Images

Brisbane has received the silver certificate in the UN's Sustainable Development Goals Cities, meaning there is a commitment to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals, and is the lowest level below the gold, platinum and diamond tiers.

Schrinner claimed Brisbane is "Australia's largest carbon neutral Government organisation".

The UN Climate Change Conference has been held annually since 1992, offering an opportunity for Governments to make pledges on global warming.

Last year in Glasgow, delegates at COP26 agreed to secure global net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and limit the rise in global temperatures to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

However, critics have bemoaned the slow pace of action and implementation, and questioned the wisdom of world leaders attending in private jets.

Australia has been criticised after Prime Minister Anthony Albanese's Government opted against signing the statement on international public support for the clean energy transition partnership earlier this week.

The country is due to host a series of major international sporting events in the coming years, culminating in Brisbane 2032.