Spain have won the first gold at the Urban Cycling World Championships ©Getty Images

Spain have defended their team trials title at the Urban Cycling World Championships in Abu Dhabi.

The triumphant five-member side was made up of Nil Benitez, Daniel Cegarra, Daniel Baron, Borja Conejos, and Vera Barón.

The quintet amassed 890 points overall across five rounds to beat second-placed France.

Vincent Hermance led the French, alongside Robin Berchiatti, Louis Grillon, Pierre Chasseuil, and Nina Vabre, as they fell just short on 840 points.

Germany's Oliver Widmann, Dominik Oswald, Jan Welte, Nina Reichenbach and Lennart Höchster rounded out the top three on 800 points to bag bronze almost 300 clear of the Czech Republic in fourth.

Spain had dominated in last year's competition thanks to a brilliant performance by Barón.

He only amassed 90 points this time out, the lowest on his team, but it did not matter in the end as all four of his team-mates recorded a maximum total of 200.

The BMX freestyle flatland qualification also began today with Japan's Kirara Nakagawa leading the way on 83.33 points while Frenchwoman Aude Cassagne and Julia Preuss of Germany followed behind with 79.83 and 75.83 points respectively.

The men's competition qualifier also began and was also topped by a Japanese rider in the form of Moto Sasaki.

Alexandre Jumelin's 85.00 points then prevented Sasaki's compatriot Masato Ito from forming an early Japanese one-two as he finished on 83.83 points.

Competition is set to continue tomorrow in the United Arab Emirates as the men's and women's BMX flatland semi-finals are scheduled while the women's elite trials semi-finals are also on the agenda.