The World Squash Federation has launched a new digital video platform ©WSF

The World Squash Federation (WSF) has launched a new digital video platform which will deliver free live events and on-demand content. will be operated by multi-sport streaming platform Sportall, which is expected to use modern technologies to operate the service, which it is hoped will enhance exposure and monetisation for the governing body's events.

The website is due to stream all events managed by the WSF as well as feature programmes and archive footage.

It is also expected to benefit continental and National Federations by enabling them to stream their own competitions to a dedicated space on the platform.

"Developing our own media will help us reach out to more fans in more regions of the world, while mastering data and content consumption metrics," said WSF chief executive William Louis-Marie.

"I'm also extremely delighted that will embark all our continental and National Federations wishing to benefit from the platform.

"Servicing our member nations, developing our fan base and increasing visibility and monetisation are fundamental objectives for an International Federation and this new digital platform will help us achieve all this."

Sportall will also help to produce promotional content editing, short-form content on social networks, and will provide data and metrics analytics.

It is claimed that features will regularly be added to enhance the service such as user-generated content and gamification.

"Following its global expansion, Sportall is now able to transform any International Federation into a global, multi-tenant and multi-destination digital media provider, in order to maximise their fan reach and their monetisation, while creating an innovative user experience, able to attract and retain a young audience," said Sportall executive President Thierry Boudard.