The new ASB GlassFloor technology made its first appearance of this season at the Egyptian Open during a match between Mazen Hesham, left, and Mostafa Asal, right ©PSA

The Professional Squash Association (PSA) has approved the use of ASB GlassFloor technology at major events in Egypt.

Several tournaments are now set to be played on the technology, and specifically the ASB ShowGlassCourt, starting with the ongoing Egyptian Open.

The technology made its debut at June's PSA World Tour Finals in Cairo.

The ASB ShowGlassCourt is owned by sponsor CIB.

A feature of the flooring is light-emitting diode (LED) lighting to outline the service box and service line. 

It is also claimed to be more efficient at absorbing sweat, therefore cutting down the number of stoppages.

"The ASB GlassFloor is the next step in the evolution of squash courts and we’re pleased to be using it at multiple events during the 2022-23 season," PSA chief operating officer Lee Beachill said.

"The reduction in the use of court cleaners will also result in less disruption and time taken in between points, which will improve the flow of the matches."

One of the benefits of the floor is its ability to absorb sweat ©Getty Images
One of the benefits of the floor is its ability to absorb sweat ©Getty Images

The new technology was used for the first time this season at the Egyptian Open in Giza during Mostafa Asal's quarter-final victory over fellow Egyptian Mazen Hesham.

"PSA and ASB have a long record in improving the game with innovation," Peter Schmidl, responsible for international affairs at ASB, said.

"Now it is the GlassFloor, which can be used on both glass courts and standard courts, and CIB have contributed to this as they have had faith in the technology and the product.

"The ASB GlassFloor is used successfully in many other sports, like basketball, handball, tennis or in multi-sports venues, but as squash has some individual needs and a different specification, we needed a bit more time and patience.

"One thing is for sure, the journey is not over yet, there are more things to improve and innovate on both the glass courts and the standard courts to lift squash to another level."