Safe judo practices are expected to be discussed at the EJU Medical Seminar in Istanbul ©Getty Images

The European Judo Union (EJU) has revealed plans to hold a Medical Seminar in Istanbul in November, led by Medical Commission chair Envic Galea.

This aims to provide National Federations and their medical officers with an opportunity to contribute to the development of safe judo and offer material to researchers.

The judo medical community is set to have the opportunity to submit presentations during the Seminar, with papers expected to be published on medical judo topics.

A deadline of September 26 has been set for the submission of presentations to the EJU Medical Commission.

A special edition for the judo medical sector of The Arts and Sciences of Judo, the International Judo Federation's Academy Judo journal, is set to be available at the Seminar in the Turkish city.

Dates of November 22 and 23 have been scheduled for the event.

Galea referenced innovations with which the Medical Commission has been credited, including the introduction of the Shime a Kansetsu Waza rules and the disqualification of attackers who deploy "dangerous techniques".

The EJU Medical Seminar is set to be held in Istanbul on November 22 and 23 ©Getty Images
The EJU Medical Seminar is set to be held in Istanbul on November 22 and 23 ©Getty Images

"Our delegates presented many exciting lectures during our 24 years [on the Medical Commission] and as many medical seminars," Maltese official Galea said.

"None of these presentations were made available to academics to help them in their research.

"Now that we have our judo medium, I would like to publish them in our journal.

"However, we need another approach to how we publish these lectures.

"These can be in the form of 'posters' or 'papers'.

"This system will bring together a closer collaboration of our medical doctors to our scientific judo world, helping to bring more excellent knowledge to our sport."

Galea is also the general treasurer of the EJU having been selected at the Extraordinary Congress in Vienna in June, where Hungarian official László Tóth was elected as the organisation's President.