Kate Caithness is due to step down as President of the WCF after reaching her term limit ©Getty Images

Kate Caithness has reflected on the "great progress" the World Curling Federation (WCF) has made during her 12-year reign as President.

The 76-year-old's final term is set to expire next month with a new President to be elected at the World Curling Annual Congress in Lausanne.

In her final World Curling newsletter, Caithness recalled how the sport has been furthered under her watch, with the global body climbing to 67 members thanks to the latest addition of Jamaica.

"These past 12 years during my presidency we have made some great progress in developing and promoting our beloved game," she wrote.

"We have become a truly global federation, incorporating the European and Pacific-Asia Curling Federations, seen our membership increase by some 50% (sic) - including our members from the African Continent.

"Through prudent accounting we now have three years' operating costs, tripled the number of staff, bought our own headquarters and set up various commissions, including an athlete's commission.

"We have added mixed doubles to the Olympic programme and hosted the inaugural World Wheelchair Mixed Doubles Curling Championship earlier this year and are awaiting confirmation from the IPC of its inclusion in the Milan Cortina 2026 Paralympic Winter Games.

"These are only a few of the more significant developments.

"This of course has been a team effort and I thank you all for your support."

Caithness moved onto the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Games, where she recounted the history made at the competitions.

China's successful defence of their Paralympic gold medal is among her "fondest memories" of last season ©Getty Images
China's successful defence of their Paralympic gold medal is among her "fondest memories" of last season ©Getty Images 

"Earlier this year, the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing were successfully organised despite the challenges that the worldwide pandemic caused," she said.

"Having seen Italy win their first Olympic gold medal in the mixed doubles discipline, witnessing China defend their title in wheelchair curling on home ice and presenting flowers to each of the medallists were some of my fondest memories of the season."

She signed off from her message with recognition to those who have supported her throughout her reign.

"Even though I won't be leading the federation in this new cycle, I will be closely following the championships and the continued development of our wonderful sport," Caithness commented.

"Finally, my sincere and heartfelt best wishes go to each of you and once more thank you for all your support over the past 12 years."

WCF vice-presidents Bent Ånund Ramsfjell of Norway, Hugh Millikin of Australia and Graham Prouse of Canada have been nominated to replace the outgoing President.

The United States' Beau Welling, who is a director at the WCF, is also standing for the post.

The World Curling Annual Congress is set to be held on September 11.