Kinshasa in DR Congo is set to be the focal point for this year's International Boxing Day celebrations ©IBA

Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo is set to host the main celebrations for International Boxing Day (IBD) 2022.

Kinshasa has been selected as the host city for events to celebrate the day, which falls on August 27 each year, and coincides with the anniversary of the first AIBA World Boxing Championships in Cuba in 1974.

The organisation, now known as the International Boxing Association (IBA), has billed 2022 as the "Year of Africa", and has decided to take celebrations for IBD to the continent.

"I am excited to visit DR Congo on such a significant day of the year," said IBA President Umar Kremlev.

"This celebration will inspire the young generation to start doing boxing and take the best from our sport.

Last year's International Boxing Day celebrations were held in Belgrade ©IBA
Last year's International Boxing Day celebrations were held in Belgrade ©IBA

"We can see many stories of success of African boxers, and I want to emphasise that with hard work, many of the athletes from the continent will be able to become successful.

"Our goal is to create conditions for everybody to practice boxing all around the world."

IBD celebrations in Kinshasa are set to include a public training session featuring notable names from the continent, as well as social activities.

Last year’s celebrations were held in Belgrade, Serbia, and included an open workout featuring world champion Roy Jones Jr of the United States and German national champion Zeina Nassar.

The IBA is encouraging National Federations to hold events to celebrate International Boxing Day, such as training, masterclasses and social events.

The IBA said: "IBD is a global celebration of the sport of boxing in all its forms for all athletes, coaches, officials, managers and fans.

"IBD is called to unite and celebrate the sport together, it is high time people showed their love and dedication to boxing."