Colombia had teqball as a demonstration sport for the Bolivarian Games ©FITEQ

Teqball has made its first appearance at the Bolivarian Games, acting as a demonstration sport at the 19th edition of the event.

This multi-sport event is open to athletes from the Central and South American nations of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela, as well as Chile.

El Salvador, Guatemala, Dominican Republic and Paraguay were invited to the 2022 edition too, which was held from June 24 to July 5 in Valledupa in Colombia.

The Games, named after political leader Simón Bolívar, saw teqball for the first time prior to its inclusion as a medal sport for the 20th edition, to be held in Ayacucho in Peru in 2024.

Fans turned out to watch the demonstration sport ©FITEQ
Fans turned out to watch the demonstration sport ©FITEQ

Four Colombian players Nilson Castaneda, Brian Bonilla, Laura Bulla, and Yesith Imbachi demonstrated the sport over five days in several locations across the Games.

Television channels and newspapers reported on the sport, while merchandise was also given to those in attendance.

Teqball is scheduled to be a medal sport at the 2023 European Games and the 2023 Asian Beach Games too.