The Global Esports Federation has partnered with Confetti to increase career opportunities in esports ©GEF

The Global Esports Federation (GEF) has confirmed a partnership with Nottingham-based Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies to create more career pathways in the esports industry.

The initiative is hoped to place esports at the centre of the global economy as the two organisations have collaborated prior to what is set to be the first-ever Commonwealth Esports Championships (CEC) in history at Birmingham 2022.

"We are delighted to partner with the world-class Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies to create a home this August - our GEF house for the CEC 2022," said GEF chief executive Paul Foster.

"It’s a place for our #WorldConnected community to thrive, be together, make friends for life, have fun, and importantly, GEF house is a place to belong.

"We aim to create a safe, peace-filled, happy place for our community to live, prepare mentally and physically, and keep healthy.

"It will be something our athletes remember long after the first Commonwealth Esports Championships."

Competing teams will train and take part in qualifying tournaments in Nottingham from August 1 to 5 before the CEC finals at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham on August 6 to 7.

With support from UPP, the UK's leading on-campus accommodation provider, Confetti will serve as GEF house, offering accommodation for athletes and creating a community space.

GEF executive director Mark Chay has been named as the head of GEF house.

Former swimmer Chay is two-time Commonwealth and Olympic Games athlete and was Singapore's Chef de Mission for Gold Coast 2018.

"Esports is built around communities and our long-term partnership with GEF will enhance our global network, which will bring many wider economic and cultural benefits to Nottingham and the UK," said Craig Chettle, chief executive of Confetti.

"With support from our parent company, Nottingham Trent University, we're delighted to be hosting the CEC qualifiers on our Confetti campus in Nottingham.

"Our community of students will benefit hugely from this collaboration, and we can't wait to welcome the participating teams from across the Commonwealth to Nottingham."

This collaboration is said to be the beginning of a long-term partnership vision for the two institutions as they continue with their goal of advancing esports worldwide.