The FASANOC conducted RAT sessions to help improve National Federations ©Getty Images

The Fiji Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee (FASANOC) has held Oceania National Olympic Committees' (ONOC) readiness assessment tool (RAT) sessions with the objective of improving its National Federations (NFs).

This is in line with meeting its strategic goal of providing "support for the development and growth of National Federations through positive collaboration" as well as focusing on "National Federation capacity and expertise development".

The RAT meetings aim to provide the national bodies with information on how to assess themselves, prioritise, compare and judge their development in the hope of progressing.

Lorraine Mar, the chief executive of FASANOC, remarked that the majority of the National Olympic Committee's 39 registered NFs indicated interest in the RAT sessions.

Marr also suggested that the country has a chance of claiming medals at the 2032 Brisbane Olympic Games but preparations must begin now.

"We see the RAT as a win-win situation for both NF's and FASANOC, because the RAT exposed the gaps for NFs to work on while they also gave FASANOC an indication on areas to focus assistance for NFs," Mar said.

"We cannot move forward unless we all move forward together.

"Their interest and work following the RAT will provide for improved governance and administration of NFs.

FASANOC chief executive Lorraine Mar said that majority of the NOC's 39 registered NFs indicated interest in RAT sessions ©FASANOC
FASANOC chief executive Lorraine Mar said that majority of the NOC's 39 registered NFs indicated interest in RAT sessions ©FASANOC

"The RAT is not designed to pass judgment or to determine funding levels to be applied to NFs.

Rather, it is a tool for identifying the priorities for development that are required before a NF undertakes a strategic direction and as such will enable organisations to better determine their funding priorities."

According to the FASANOC chief executive, several NFs have established four-years plans, operational schemes, financial operation procedures and standard operation procedures and constitution reviews since the previous RAT session.

In that time, they have also applied Oceania Sports Education Programmes from the results of RAT.

"This has contributed to increased qualified coaches at community and national levels and improved athletes' performances at the Pacific Games and Commonwealth Games," Mar commented.

"FASANOC will focus on strengthening Team Fiji entourage through OSEP training courses to ensure competitive team participation to the Olympic Games and to all Games in the future."

Fiji won gold in the men's rugby sevens and bronze in the women's rugby sevens events at Tokyo 2020.

These were their only two medals from the 30 competitions and six sports they participated in.