FASANOC has plans to innovate their coaching techniques and approach towards athletes ©Getty Images

Talemo Waqa, the high performance commission chairperson of the Fiji Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee (FASANOC), has instructed for coaches and team managers to alter their approach to coaching and how they manage their athletes amidst COVID-19 restrictions.

"We now have a new norm so to speak so they need to be innovative and think outside the box in the management of their athletes and teams," the mentor at the Oceania Sports Education Programme (OSEP) said.

"It is also important that coaches and team managers adapt to different ways of coaching and training especially with all the restrictions and challenges they face nowadays."

He added: "We are mindful of the challenges of the new norm in COVID 19 restrictions and protocols that has an effect on how programs are now planned and budgeted."

Earlier this month, the Fijian Government ended its 22-month nationwide curfew of strict movement due to COVID-19.

Of the remaining restrictions, mask wearing, and social distancing are required to be followed and workers in the public and private sector must have a COVID-19 vaccination.

People may also be asked to show proof of vaccination when entering hotels, bars, and restaurants.

Over 90 per cent of the population over 15 is fully vaccinated, according to acting Prime Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

The Our World in Data website says Fiji has reported 63,756 total cases and 833 deaths as of two days ago.

FASANOC is keen on improving their level of coaching ©Getty Images
FASANOC is keen on improving their level of coaching ©Getty Images

Waqa's plan to transform Fijian coaching while COVID-19 remains a threat led him to overseeing training and educational courses.

The courses were attended by team managers and coaches who are aspiring to be a part of Team Fiji at the 2022 Pacific Mini Games and Commonwealth Games.

Waqa commented that OSEP and FASASNOC are working together alongside coaches and team officials to ensure all athletes are prepared for the events.

In particular, he cited the importance of keeping up to date with the latest sports innovation and training techniques by undergoing the courses every four years.

Coaches and team managers alike participated in OSEP-accredited courses, which are funded by the International Olympic Committee’s Olympic Solidarity programme.

The purpose of these courses, in the view of FASANOC chief executive Lorraine Mar, is for participants to understand their roles and responsibilities in supporting the athletes before and during the two upcoming events, and for them to apply to their own development and competitions.

Waqa also expects those that attended the strength and conditioning and team managers courses to "change their mindset from having a reactive approach to a more proactive approach".

Team Fiji is anticipated to consist of 125 athletes and officials for the 2022 Pacific Mini Games while they hope to send an approximate 120 athletes and officials to the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

The Pacific Mini Games is expected to be hosted in Saipan, Northern Marianas from June 17 to 25, with the Commonwealth Games taking place later in the summer between July 28 and August 8.