NOC President Habu Gumel has recognised the difficulties facing women trying to get roles in sports administration and politics ©Getty Images

Nigeria Olympic Committee (NOC) President Habu Gumel believes the organisation will be in a better place to ensure an increase participation of women in sports administration and politics after holding a two-day seminar.

The NOC staged the seminar, entitled "Sports Politics: Women Inclusion", yesterday and today in Nigerian city Lagos.

A series of distinguished guests had been lined up to speak at the event which was held for women interested in sports politics and female representatives on the Boards of National Federations and other sporting organisations.

Among the objectives of the NOC was to understand and discuss the challenges women face in sports politics and offer new solutions by helping them connect with mentors who will support them on their career path.

The Nigeria Olympic Committee held a seminar, called
The Nigeria Olympic Committee held a seminar, called "Sports Politics: Women Inclusion" ©Getty Images

The NOC said the seminar would also help women identify short-term and long-term career goals while creating a plan to achieve those visions.

"For many years, the NOC noticed how difficult it has been for women to win elections at the Federations level and into the Nigeria Olympic Committee," said Gumel.

"As a result, this seminar will focus on the challenges faced by women and proffer solutions to these challenges."