Eyüp Gözgeç endorsed Umar Kremlev at the Women's World Boxing Championships ©IBA

Eyüp Gözgeç, the President of the Turkish Boxing Federation, has officially endorsed incumbent President of the International Boxing Association (IBA) Umar Kremlev, for re-election during his speech at the Women's World Boxing Championships Opening Ceremony.

Kremlev is set to face off against Boris van der Vorst, the President of the Dutch Boxing Federation, for the Presidency at the Extraordinary Congress on Friday (May 13) here in Istanbul.

Gözgeç was one of the speakers during the Opening Ceremony at the Başakşehir Youth and Sports Facility and expressed his gratitude to Kremlev for awarding Turkey the Championships.

Antalya held the second edition of the competition in 2002.

"The success in sport, especially in boxing, has caused this Championship after 20 years to be held in our country," said Gözgeç.

"Turkey has become the port of peace and brotherhood. 

"We have been preparing for this Championship for a long time.

"I would like to thank IBA President Umar Kremlev for providing this opportunity.

"This administration will always carry the world of boxing forward. 

Umar Kremlev has been President of IBA for 18 months so far ©IBA
Umar Kremlev has been President of IBA for 18 months so far ©IBA

"The rights and the laws of the athletes will be protected in any way we can. 

"Mr Kremlev, there will be no incorrections in the world of boxing.

"I would like to thank you for your financial and moral help at these Championships. 

"I hope that Mr Kremlev gets re-elected and I support him with all my heart."

Van der Vorst stood against Kremlev in the 2020 election, but lost in the last round of voting.

Both are vying for a four-year term.

Kremlev was elected on the promise of wiping IBA's - formerly AIBA - debts and restore its place at the Olympic Games after the organisation was removed from involvement at Tokyo 2020 due to concerns over refereeing, judging and governance.

It is still unclear if boxing will be part of Los Angeles 2028.