Scotland overcame Switzerland in the gold-medal match ©WCF/Céline Stucki

Scotland’s Eve Muirhead and Bobby Lammie were crowned winners at the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship, overcoming hosts Switzerland in the final in Geneva.

Muirhead and Lammie were seeking to secure back-to-back titles for Scotland at the event, after Bruce Mouat and Jennifer Dodds triumphed last year.

A dominant week had seen Muirhead and Lammie win 10 consecutive matches to reach the final at the Sous-Moulin Sports Centre.

The final began in perfect fashion for the Scottish team, with Muirhead and Lammie scoring four in the opening end against Switzerland’s Alina Paetz and Sven Michel.

The halfway mark of the final saw Scotland hold a 7-2 advantage.

Paetz and Michel scored two in the fifth and sixth ends to threaten a comeback.

The fightback was halted when Muirhead and Lammie scored two in the penultimate end, leaving the Swiss team requiring three to force an extra end.

Paetz and Michel were only able to score one in the eighth and final end, with Muirhead and Lammie ending as 9-7 winners.

The World Championship title continues their recent success, with Muirhead having skipped Britain’s women’s team to Olympic gold at Beijing 2022.

Lammie was a member of Britain’s men’s silver medal-winning team at the Games.

Germany’s Pia-Lisa Schöll and Klaudius Harsch triumphed in the bronze-medal match against Norway’s Maia and Magnus Ramsfjell.

The Norwegian team had led 5-4 after scoring three in the sixth end of the contest.

Schöll and Harsch edged ahead by scoring two in the penultimate end, before adding one in the final eighth to seal a 7-5 victory.