Hosts Sweden dramatically won the Women's World Floorball Championship in home soil in Uppsala with a golden goal victory against Finland ©International Floorball Federation

Reports released today have highlighted the success of the previous editions of the Men’s and Women’s World Floorball Championships (WFC), held in Helsinki and Uppsala in late 2021.

The previous men’s edition, which was known as the Men’s World Floorball Championship 2020, was held in Helsinki, Finland, between December 3 and 11 2021.

An event evaluation report, conducted by Scotland based sport and event consultancy firm Quantum Consultancy, concluded that the direct economic impact from hosting the event was €7.18 million (£5.92 million/$7.73 million).

The report highlights that the expenditure of visiting spectators on accommodation, shopping, food and drinks accounted for more than 72 per cent of the total impact.

More than 71,000 people attended the event in total, with 86 per cent of spectators coming from outside Helsinki to attend.

Finland made it all the way to the men’s final but were beaten 6-4 by Sweden in the showpiece match, watched by a crowd of 12,508 fans.

The previous women’s edition, known as the Women’s World Floorball Championship 2021, was held in Uppsala, Sweden, from November 27 to December 5.

An infographic highlights the success of the previous Men's World Floorball Championship in  Helsinki ©International Floorball Federation
An infographic highlights the success of the previous Men's World Floorball Championship in Helsinki ©International Floorball Federation

The tournament generated a direct economic impact of €1.09 million (£900 million/$1.17 million).

More than 21,000 people attended the tournament in total, with 1,468 overnight visitors staying in Uppsala, while nine out of 10 residents of the Swedish city reporting attending the competition and feeling "a sense of pride" from living in the home location.

In the women’s final, Sweden triumphed at Finland’s expense 4-3, winning courtesy of a golden goal during overtime.

"We are very happy to receive this valuable analytics of our major events," said International Floorball Federation (IFF) secretary general John Liljolund.

"In particular in the event-free times due to the pandemic, it is important to understand where our events stand in the world of sports.

"Furthermore, the reports provide great feedback to the local organisers as well as an added value for the countries and associations bidding to host the IFF events in the future."

Quantum co-founder and director of consulting Colin Stewart said: "The IFF is one of only a few International Federations that did not lose any of its pinnacle events to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"In this context the outcome of the WFC 2020 and WFC 2021 is testament to the commitment of the IFF and the local organisers to stage these world-class sporting events against the odds."