Six modern pentathlon nations have called for Russian administrators to be banned ©Getty Images

Six European nations have called for the International Modern Pentathlon Union (UIPM) to ban Russian and Belarusian administrators from the sport's structure until the invasion of Ukraine ends in a letter, seen by insidethegames.

This was signed by Latvia Modern Pentathlon Federation President Janis Liepins, Lithuania Modern Pentathlon Federation President Aistis Baronas, Estonia Modern Pentathlon Federation President Jaanus Pikani, Denmark Modern Pentathlon Federation President Benny Elmann-Larsen, Sweden Modern Pentathlon Federation President Bengt Jōnsson and Joonas Lyytinen, President of Finland Fencing and Pentathlon Federation.

In the letter dated March 21, the Presidents requested the temporary removal of these elected representatives, matching the sanctions against athletes and officials from Belarus and Russia.

"We, the undersigned six National Modern Pentathlon Federation Presidents, request that at the next UIPM Executive Board meeting in Budapest Hungary the following item be included in the agenda," read the letter as seen by insidethegames.

"The temporary withdrawal of their mandates of authority and office of all elected representatives of the Russian Federation and the Belarusian Republic until cessation of the Russian Federation's invasion of the sovereign Republic of Ukraine and until the full withdrawal of the Russian armed forces from within the internationally recognised borders of the Republic of Ukraine. 

"This would include: UIPM Executive Board members, UIPM Commission leaders and members, and UIPM Continental (ECMP) Presidents and Executive Board members."

The likes of UIPM vice-president for business affairs Viacheslav Aminov and European Confederation of Modern Pentathlon President Tatiana Ardabieva.

They expressed support for Ukraine with a call for peace.

UIPM President Klaus Schormann rejected the request made in the letter ©Getty Images
UIPM President Klaus Schormann rejected the request made in the letter ©Getty Images

"We find the current situation in Ukraine completely unacceptable," continued the letter.

"A war, initiated by Russia, a war against democratic values, a war that indiscriminately and brutally kills civilians. 

"A war that kills children, the handicapped, and the elderly. 

"A war that destroys cities and their infrastructure. 

"A war that openly attacks 21st century democratic principles and individual freedoms."

Elmann-Larsen confirmed that Schormann has rejected the request made in the letter.

The UIPM said to insidethegames that further action could be taken if the International Olympic Committee (IOC) take sanctions further.

"UIPM adopted the IOC recommendation as published on 28 February," said the UIPM. 

"UIPM is monitoring the situation and may take additional measures following further IOC recommendations."

Ukraine was invaded by Russia on February 24 with the aid of Belarus, leading to the IOC recommending the suspension of the attacking nations' athletes and officials.