The IBA has launched a rebranded website ©IBA

The International Boxing Association (IBA) has launched a new website as part of the organisation’s rebranding efforts.

Rebrand efforts were approved at the organisation’s Congress in December.

This saw the governing body’s acronym change from AIBA to the IBA, with a new visual identity also approved.

Rebranding the organisation has been a long-term suggestion, due to a view that the AIBA brand had been "tarnished" amid allegations of match-fixing and corruption.

The IBA website relaunch has been seen as the continuation of the reform process.

"For the last year IBA has demonstrated its determination to deliver positive change by taking big steps towards stability, transparency and integrity," said Umar Kremlev, IBA President.

"We are doing much more than just making big improvements in individual parts of IBA.

"We are changing our whole culture in a progressive and lasting way.

"The new IBA is ready to serve the boxers of today and tomorrow, together with all those who support them."

The IBA says the new website offers visitors easy access to information about IBA’s reform process, management team and the Board of Directors.

Access to technical information, the latest news and upcoming events is also available.

The IBA claims the new website is a step towards increased transparency ©IBA
The IBA claims the new website is a step towards increased transparency ©IBA

Support is now set to be given by the IBA to its continental confederations and National Federations to create and update their own websites.

The governing body says it is focused on governance reform, sporting integrity and financial integrity, with the access to information viewed as a significant step towards increased transparency.

The IBA is set to hold elections next month, with Kremlev running for President again after first taking charge in December 2020.

The IBA has had its Olympic recognition suspended since 2019 and an IOC Olympic Task Force instead ran the boxing event at Tokyo 2020.

The IBA has been told it must address governance, financial transparency, sustainability and refereeing and judging concerns if it is to have the suspension lifted.

Boxing has also been left off the initial programme for Los Angeles 2028, but IOC President Thomas Bach insisted there was a "roadmap" for the sport to be reinstated.