The mascot for Munich 2022 will be chosen from the ideas sent last year ©Munich 2022

The official mascot for this year’s European Championships in Munich will be announced at the end of the month.

Munich 2022 received over 500 entries by the time the window of the mascot competition ended in May of last year.

Mascot ideas for this year’s European Championships include pandas, squirrels, unicorns, robots and sporty mythical creatures.

There is anticipation that the design needs to be a worthy successor to Waldi, the dachshund dog who was the first Olympic mascot for the Bavarian city when they hosted the Olympic Games in 1972.

German designer Otl Aicher, who famously created the logo for German airline Lufthansa, was responsible for fashioning Waldi for Munich 1972.

Aicher modelled Waldi off a real fury dachshund called Cherie von Birkenhof.

The 2018 European Championships saw two mascots, Berlino the Bear and Bonnie the Seal become the face of the competition, which was shared between Berlin in Germany and Glasgow in Scotland.

In Germany, Berlino the Bear returned after he became enormously popular during the 2009 International Association of Athletics Federations World Championships.

Berlino was popular for spending time around medal winners, which included Jamaica’s Usain Bolt.

For Scotland, Bonnie the Seal was created after being designed by around 100 children aged between seven and 12.

The European Championships are expected to take place between August 11 and 21 and are set to feature competition across nine sports - athletics, beach volleyball, cycling, rowing, canoe sprint, gymnastics, sport climbing, table tennis and triathlon.