The IWF has partnered with the University of Lausanne for data analysis ©Getty Images

The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) has signed an agreement with the University of Lausanne to team up for a research project on International Federations' (IF) organisational performance.

This initiative is being run through the university's Institute of Sport Sciences (ISSUL), with the overall project being funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation for a period of four years.

It looks to analyse how the organisational performance of IFs over the areas of sport, finance, media, social and society, can be measured "efficiently and effectively".

Secondly, it aims to understand how findings can inform and guide the IWF's strategic management.

"The IWF has made great strides in terms of improving its governance," said IWF Interim President Michael Irani.

"We have adopted a new Constitution, developed new mechanisms for incorporating athletes in our decision making and more, but there is always more that can be done. 

"The IWF is grateful for this chance to engage with independent experts, in order to improve our future work."

Media is one of the areas to be measured by the IWF ©Getty Images
Media is one of the areas to be measured by the IWF ©Getty Images

Researchers Emmanuel Bayle and Josephine Clausen have developed a conceptual performance measurement model to tailor to IFs, allowing a way to assess the organisations' work.

"We are excited to collaborate with IWF on this first application of our performance measurement model," said Clausen.

"Our goal is to collaborate with federations that seek to analyse their performance holistically in relation to their mission and their strategic objectives and to help them steer their organisational performance based on informed decision-making."

For the next six months, the goal of the collaboration is to apply the performance measurement model to the IWF to assess its effectiveness, while also giving feedback to weightlifting's governing body.