South East Queensland Mayors have called on urgent action to invest in infrastructure in preparation for the Brisbane 2032 Games ©COMSEQ

South East Queensland (SEQ) Mayors have called for urgent action on key transport and liability projects before the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympics Games.

The Council of Mayors South East Queensland (COMSEQ) launched the "Let's Get Moving!" campaign in Brisbane on Friday (November 5) as they claim the city must take advantage of a small window to begin major projects in time for the Olympics.

"The Mayors of South East Queensland put our state on this journey to hosting the 2032 Games because they recognised it was a unique opportunity to get all levels of Government working together to deliver for our region," said COMSEQ chairman and Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner.

"Now the Games are locked in, we need to start developing a detailed plan on what investment and infrastructure we will need to ensure the Games deliver an economic and social dividend for all residents.

"That’s what our Let’s Get Moving! campaign is all about, starting the conversation about what’s required to not only deliver the best ever Games but what’s needed to ensure we protect our region’s incredible lifestyle.

"Things like cleaning up our rivers and waterways, creating new greenspace and delivering better transport connections between venues can be achieved so they deliver benefits before, during and after the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympics Games."

Redlands Mayor Karen Williams said when the COMSEQ had started the bidding process for the 2032 Olympics, it was with the very clear goal of putting a deadline on building the roads, bridges and rail needed to support the region into the future.

Toowoomba Region Mayor Paul Antonio said many of the elements needed for a good Games experience would be delivered through the SEQ City Deal, and he urged both the State and Federal Governments to sign on as soon as possible.

Brisbane is set to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2032 ©Getty Images
Brisbane is set to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2032 ©Getty Images

"The Foundation City deal being offered is a good starting point for us to begin that work," said Antonio.

"There are certainly some more projects that mayors and councillors would like to see included, but this is a framework for all three levels of Government to work together to build further confidence and certainty for the region.

"On behalf of all my COMSEQ colleagues, I urge the other two levels of Government to sign up to the deal, even if we need to keep talking to make it bigger and better.

"The eyes of the world will be on us in 2032. 

"Our roads and regional transport systems need to be ready.  

"And although a decade seems like a long time, it’s actually a short period to agree on priorities, sequence investment decisions and complete major transport projects.

"We are out of time for talking.  

"It’s time to start the hard work.  

"Let’s Get Moving!"

The Brisbane 2032 Olympics are due to run from July 23 to August 8.