IPC President Andrew Parsons has offered his sympathies to those affected by last week's floods ©Getty Images

Andrew Parsons, the President of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), has offered his sympathies to those affected by last week’s horrific floods in western Europe.

The IPC is based in Bonn, which is part of Germany's particularly badly hit North Rhine-Westphalia region.

The Rhineland-Palatinate region also suffered severely.

At least 165 people have died in Germany, with dozens still missing.

Parsons expressed his shock at the floods, which are now the worst natural disaster to hit the country since the North Sea flood in Hamburg in 1962.

“When you see images of natural disasters in the news, they are usually in far-distant lands, not in the state where your organisation is based and where many of your team herald from,” the IPC President said.

“The images that have been broadcast around the world are truly shocking, the level of desecration horrendous, the intensity and scale of the floods totally unimaginable.

“Thankfully, all IPC staff are safe and well, although sadly some were flooded, faced power cuts or had family members directly impacted. 

“My thoughts are with them at this difficult time.

“Our home city of Bonn escaped the worst of Wednesday’s storm, but the damage caused to neighbouring areas is beyond catastrophic and more akin to the worst disaster movies.”

The floods are Germany's worst natural disaster since 1962 ©Getty Images
The floods are Germany's worst natural disaster since 1962 ©Getty Images

He also sought to console the family and friends of victims, as well as those who suffered from the destruction of their homes and businesses.

“My heart and deepest condolences go out to those who lost loved ones and those who are still trying to trace relatives or friends,” said Parsons.

“Many thousands have had their lives turned upside down and I cannot imagine how hard it is for them right now.

The IPC President revealed members of the global governing body’s staff offered their assistance to the affected regions.

“The IPC stands in solidarity with our local community, a place we have been proud to call our home for the last 21 years.

“On Friday, many staff started collections of clothes and foodstuffs to support those impacted by the floods, and over the weekend, several have volunteered to support with the clean-up operations.”

The German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) last week announced a €100,000 (£85,660/$118,100) support package for sports clubs hit by the floods, while the German Football League and German Football Federation offered a €3 million (£2.6 million/$3.5 million) fund for survivors.