Paris 2024 and the City of Paris collaborated on the project ©Paris 2024

A total of 14 associations and clubs have been selected to participate in a Paris 2024 project aiming to boost access to sporting activities for women.

The programme aims to provide activities on open-access grounds.

The "Paris Sportives" scheme was launched in 2020, as part of an Olympic Transformations programme and a Heritage of Paris 2024 initiative.

The objective is to allow the associations to reclaim public space and allow women to practice sporting activities either through a club or for free.

Seven basketball projects were supported, along with four football and one handball initiative.

A further two multi-sport projects were also given backing.

Eiffel Basket, Ladies & Basketball, Paris Lady Basket, Charonne Sports Union, Sport in the City and Amunanti were among the associations and clubs to receive funding.

Paris Basket 15, Domrémy basket 13, Solidarity house 13, Panamboyz united, Paris 13 Atletico, Sine qua non, Socios Solidaires and Yard crops were also part of the programme.

"Our project responds to a request from mothers living in the same area who wanted to practice a sporting activity with others," said Nayla, a representative of Solidarity house 13.

"They wanted to take time for themselves, take care of their health through sport and bond with other women.

"We have a sports instructor who supervises two slots for mothers with activities in the Kellermann garden, including fitness, running, stretching, weight training on rigging."

Organisers of the project have said several women were unaware of public facilities near their homes or felt the facilities were largely accessed by men.

It is hoped the project can further encourage women to continue to participate or return to sport.

The programme has been renewed for 2022, with organisers set to call for new projects.

The City of Paris and Paris 2024 provided €100,000 (£85,000/$118,000) in funding for the programme.