Gaby Ahrens spoke at the athletes ambassador workshop organised in association with the Nambia National Olympic Committee ©Getty Images

Former and current Olympians in Namibia have attended an athletes ambassador workshop that looks to improve on their media relations and personal brand building skills.

The event was held by the Namibia Athletes' Commission and Namibia Olympians Association, in conjunction with the Nambia National Olympic Committee (NNOC).

Among them was three-time sport shooting Olympian and chairperson of the Athletes' Commission, Gaby Ahrens, who spoke about the necessity for the workshop and how to deal with your mental health in relation to media presence.

Recently, Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka withdrew from the French Open due to mental health concerns, having previously stated she wished to not speak to the media during the event.

"The Namibia Athletes' Commission realised the importance of making athletes aware of the media pressures out there and how to empower them to speak to the media to publicly brand themselves better and maybe even catch sponsors," said Ahrens, as reported by the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation.

Frankie Fredericks was one of the speakers in attendance ©Getty Images
Frankie Fredericks was one of the speakers in attendance ©Getty Images

Media engagement, public speaking, social media engagement, personal brand and emotional intelligence were among topics covered.

Four-time Olympic silver medallist Frankie Fredericks, former Miss Namibia Mia de Klerk, businessman Lazarus Jacobs and professor Earle Taylor also all spoke.

Japanese Ambassador to Namibia, Hideaki Harada, also shared his country's culture with the athletes ahead of the rearranged Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The International Olympic Committee's Code of Conduct and Rule 50 - which aims for neutrality at the Games and curbs athlete protest - were also discussed.

Tokyo 2020 isscheduled to take place from July 23 to August 8.