Marius Vizer Jr has called feedback from the Teqball Roadshow "positive" ©FITEQ

International Federation of Teqball (FITEQ) general secretary Marius Vizer Jr has said the governing body's Teqball Roadshow initiative has received positive feedback since its launch in February.

The Teqball Roadshow has so far visited Djibouti, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, Cape Verde, Madagascar, South Africa, Nigeria and Senegal.

Under the initiative, the FITEQ will support National Federations during and after the COVID-19 pandemic by providing key organisational assistance in areas such as governance, competitions, communication, financial sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

The FITEQ also delivers practical and educational workshops for coaches, referees and athletes as well as for departments within the National Federations.

A particular focus has been on improving nations' digital presence via social media platforms.

"The feedback from all of our visits so far has been very positive," said Vizer Jr.

"The presence of the FITEQ leadership and education team (including sport instructors) is very valuable for our Federations. 

"It gives them inspiration and motivation to develop their activities even further and they can see that teqball is one big family."

FITEQ recently visited Uzbekistan as part of its Teqball Roadshow ©FITEQ
FITEQ recently visited Uzbekistan as part of its Teqball Roadshow ©FITEQ

Vizer Jr added: "We have seen immediate results from the roadshow visits, for example in South Africa where we helped the National Federation launch the country’s first teqball club – Teqball Fat Cats. 

"We were also invited to present teqball on a national television network, which gave us the opportunity to share the teqball vision with millions of people in the country.

"The roadshow is helping us accelerate the growth of teqball in countries that have amazing potential."

Vizer Jr said online educational resources have also been launched to help governing bodies to practise good governance.

He revealed the FITEQ had identified countries who needed to be prioritised for support on the Teqball Roadshow through its National Federation evaluation tool.

Tunisia, Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Maldives, Serbia, Moldova, Croatia, India and Kazakhstan are set to be the roadshow's next destinations.