Vulcan Materials Company is the official sustainability sponsor for the 2022 World Games ©Birmingham 2022

Birmingham 2022 World Games organisers have partnered with Vulcan Materials Company, which will now act as the official sustainability sponsor for the event.

Vulcan joins more than 40 other companies in support of the World Games in Alabama in the United States next year.

"Vulcan is pleased to be the sustainability sponsor of the World Games 2022," said Vulcan Materials Company's senior vice-president and general counsel, Denson Franklin III.

"In addition to helping support bringing the world to Birmingham, Alabama in 2022, we are furthering our longstanding commitment to sustainability in our operating areas across the country.

"We continue to live the Vulcan Way: doing the right thing, the right way at the right time."

The International World Games Association (IWGA) will continue to work alongside Birmingham 2022 organisers as they promise to ensure the event makes a positive environmental impact.

"Sustainability has always been one of the core values of the World Games and, for example, we have never required the host cities to build new venues for the Games," said IWGA chief executive Joachim Gossow.

"To further strengthen our commitment, the IWGA joined in 2019 the Sport for Climate Action Framework to support the goals of the Paris Agreement.

"Now more than ever it is time to act for the environment, and of course we at the World Games want to be doing our share.

"We always encourage our local organisers to work for sustainability, and we are happy to see the initiatives of the Birmingham Organising Committee."

Birmingham will be the first American host of the World Games since Santa Clara in 1981 ©Getty Images
Birmingham will be the first American host of the World Games since Santa Clara in 1981 ©Getty Images

Initiatives announced by Birmingham 2022 to create a positive environmental impact include planting trees, the installation of solar energy stations around the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, repurposing signage, schemes to prevent food waste and creating Birmingham's first zero-waste venue.

The solar energy stations will be installed for the Games and will have the capability to charge phones and other small electronic devices.

"Each of these initiatives will be a legacy of the Games," said Nick Sellers, chief executive of the 2022 World Games.

"One of our goals from the beginning has been to leave Birmingham a better place than it was before the Games.

"All of these initiatives will help us accomplish that goal."

The Birmingham 2022 World Games are set to take place from July 7 to 17, due to feature 3,600 athletes participating in more than 30 sports.

The event was initially set to take place in 2021, but was pushed back a year to avoid a clash with the Tokyo 2020 Olympics when the coronavirus pandemic disrupted the international sporting calendar.