IBF is set to host a Gender Equality and Women Leadership Forum ©IBF

The International Bowling Federation (IBF) is set to host the Gender Equality and Women Leadership Forum in partnership with the Saudi Bowling Federation as part of celebrations for International Women's Day.

Mikaela Conjuano Jaworski, an Executive Board member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), will be in attendance, along with Sheikha Hayat Al Khalifa, chairperson of the Olympic Council of Asia's Women and Sports Committee and member of the IOC Women in Sport Commission.

IOC gender equality manager Sandra Lengwiler and Swiss-based youth advocate Marie-Claire Graf are expected to be present at the Forum on Monday (March 8).

This initiative is part of a series of changes made at the 2020 IBF Congress, that was hosted virtually in November.

"On this day, we are happy to be part of and celebrate International Women's Day through this forum where great women role models contribute with their experience and inspiring stories," said Razan Baker from the Saudi Bowling Federation, who was appointed as chairperson of IBF's Women in Sport Committee.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has hindered participation in sports but getting together through these forums will hopefully lift our spirits up and help us stay motivated.

"For us in Saudi Arabia, we are proud of how things are moving forward for women in the field of sports."

The Gender Equality and Women Leadership Forum aims to provide a platform to raise issues surrounding gender equality in sport and encouraging more female leadership in governance roles.

"International Women's Day marks an important opportunity for us to raise our awareness on the issues that surround women in sport," said IBF President Sheikh Talal Mohammad Al-Sabah.

"This forum has been an effective mission for IBF to give our women role models a platform on which to raise issues and discuss what works and what does not.

"We are delighted to have so many passionate contributors and we look forward to focusing on the issues raised to further shape our direction."