The International Bowling Federation has announced a deal with Spark Compass ©Getty Images

The International Bowling Federation (IBF) has signed an agreement with American-based intelligent communications platform Spark Compass.

Spark Compass, a platform developed and published by Total Communicator Solutions, Inc and which delivers personalised experiences and content to fans and players, has become an official partner of the IBF under the terms of the deal.

The new digital home for IBF, set to be launched later this year, will incorporate streaming capabilities and interactive fan engagement tools. 

It will ensure that athletes and fans are kept up to date on the latest events, news and results, it is claimed.

Digital displays and augmented reality (AR) will also be integrated into the platform, with visitors to event venues set to be able to experience AR first hand. 

Fans will be able to scan AR targets that will deliver new in-app experiences, encouraging user participation and offering a unique involvement with the IBF portfolio of events.

In addition, Spark Compass - which has been used by companies such as Puma and Coca Cola - will integrate programmes from other digital brands and technologies associated with IBF existing partners and their content portfolio.  

"The partnership with Spark Compass allows bowling to take on new forms, improving event accessibility and the experience of our existing global fan base," said IBF chief executive Andrew Oram.

"Not only will this ecosystem act as a further communications tool for IBF events but it will also engage new users as the events grow and continually evolves. 

"Bowling is blessed with many opportunities and Spark Compass now allows us to proceed further in making those opportunities a reality.

"This partnership provides further capability to make the athletes not just the stars of our events but also the broadcasters of their own content during competition. 

"We’re very much looking forward to working with our new official supplier, Spark Compass, to develop something truly unique and innovative for bowling for 2021 and for the years to come." 

The partnership with Spark Compass is part of the IBF's promise to transform bowling into a globally recognised competitive sport that is engaging and uses the latest technology. 

"Partnering with the IBF and the fascinating sport of bowling enables us to showcase the excitement of the sport in new ways," said Spark Compass founder and chief executive Erik Bjontegard.

"Capturing the amazing amount of data combined with content delivery from Spark Compass works seamlessly and is a natural fit. 

"As we add more sensors, integrate new features, and deploy more technologies, we will be expanding the ways these events are consumed by fans, both in venue and across the globe. 

"These are extremely exciting times."