Doha 2030 has announced more legacy project details on the eve of the bid selection ©Doha 2030

The Doha 2030 Asian Games Bid Committee has revealed more details about Project Legacy 21, a series of programmes that are planned to begin next year, on the eve of the host being announced for the event.

Project Legacy 21 will aim to use investment legacy savings to create a scheme which provides financial investment and knowledge transfer for development programmes within National Olympic Committees (NOCs).

It would be managed by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) and independently audited, officials said.

Another aim will be helping NOCs with tailored programmes so they can travel and train at the Aspire Academy in Doha.

Project Legacy 21 is also set to explore ways to create sub-regional training hubs across Asia to aid the development of sport.

"The role that the Asian Games can play in inspiring hope and celebrating our continent's diversity is more important now that ever before," said Doha 2030 chairman Sheikh Joaan.

"Through Project Legacy 21, we aim to leverage Doha's unique position and deliver meaningful legacy benefits to all of Asia, starting from 2021.

"All Asian NOCs are facing challenges in our countries and as an OCA family we have a responsibility to offer help and support to one another.

"Our bid's message is 'We All Belong' and we believe strongly that when one NOC succeeds, we all succeed.

"That is why we are ready to share all our time, knowledge and infrastructure with our Asian brothers and sisters to help them prepare their strongest ever teams for an Asian Games, overcome and build for a brighter future."

Doha 2030 will use existing facilities as part of its legacy programme ©Doha 2030
Doha 2030 will use existing facilities as part of its legacy programme ©Doha 2030

Planned Project Legacy 21 programmes include training camps in all Olympic sports on the Doha 2030 programme, as well as a cultural programme three years prior to the Games which is set to combine sport and culture in the region.

A youth camp is scheduled to open to young people from each NOC, featuring a combination of sport and cultural and social activities.

Another idea is a programme looking to create future sports ambassadors, while NOC lectures and workshops, education and athlete and team subsidies will also be part of the initiative. 

Education and training will be provided through the Doha 2030 organisers' partnership with the Josoor Institute, the Qatar Olympic Academy and Qatar Foundation.

Doha is in a head-to-head bid with Riyadh for the Games, with Qatar and Saudi Arabia regional geo-political rivals.

The host of the Asian Games is set to be announced tomorrow at the OCA General Assembly in Muscat in Oman.