Australian Taekwondo has announced the election of three Board members ©AUSTKD

Australian Taekwondo has elected Keshena Waterford and Allan Malachowski and re-elected Jean Kfoury as Board members for the governing body.

Kfoury was re-elected to a position that he has held since October 2017, while Waterford and Malachowski are new additions to the Board.

"I would like to thank everyone for their support and belief in me to be re-elected in working towards positive outcomes for taekwondo in Australia," said Kfoury.

"I am looking forward to 2021 being a great year for Australian Taekwondo."

Waterford, a two-time World Championships representative for Australia and 2015 Pacific Games champion, has been elected to the position and says she is excited to work with her new colleagues.

"With our collective efforts I am confident we can yield great outcomes for all Australian Taekwondo members," said Waterford.

"I will make myself available to those who have something to say, and I aspire to deliver clear, transparent communication to all of Australian Taekwondo's membership.

"I am especially looking forward to working with the states and building robust relationships to help us progress towards common goals."

Australia has won one gold and one silver at the Olympics in taekwondo ©Getty Images
Australia has won one gold and one silver at the Olympics in taekwondo ©Getty Images

Finally, Malachowski joins the Board after acting as a regional Board member in the state of Victoria for almost 10 years.

"I strongly believed it was the right time for me to join the Australian Taekwondo executive with the aim to strengthen the Australian Taekwondo brand by improving our service offering, and building trust with our members and key stakeholders," said Malachowski.

"There will be challenges ahead, and with true taekwondo perseverance I believe we will overcome these obstacles and build an Australian Taekwondo brand that we can all be a part of."

This now brings the Board membership total up to eight, led by chairman Raffaele di Renzo.

Hassan Iskandar, Simon Lew and Graeme Hartnett are all elected directors on the Board, while Leanne Cunnold was appointed to her role with over 25 years experience in the IT industry.