Awards focusing on how to improve Italy through Milan Cortina 2026 have been launched ©CONI

The Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) is set to give out its Leonardo Committee Degree Awards for 2020, recognising young people who show Italian excellence in the run-up to the Milan Cortina 2026 Winter Olympics.

On the theme of Made in Italy, 13 awards will be given to individuals in areas such as fashion, sustainability, industrial automation and technological innovation.

Others awarded are set to come from areas such as pharmacology, jewellery, sport and internationalisation of Italian companies.

Part of this initiative for 2020 included CONI continuing to promote its thesis on "The impact of the 2026 Milan Cortina Winter Olympic Games; an opportunity to relaunch culture, investments and work."

Milan Cortina was awarded the 2026 Winter Olympics in June 2019 ©CONI
Milan Cortina was awarded the 2026 Winter Olympics in June 2019 ©CONI

The Leonardo Committee project is supported by member companies and has helped over 190 graduates from institutes throughout Italy during its time.

Its aim is to support the transition between university and the world or work.

CONI is using the Milan Cortina 2026 Games as an opportunity to create investment in Italy after the Olympics.

The papers must be delivered by January 10 2021 to the secretariat of the Leonardo Committee to apply for the awards.