It is 50 years since the Edinburgh 1970 Commonwealth Games ©Getty Images

Commonwealth Games Scotland is celebrating Edinburgh 1970's golden jubilee online. 

Edinburgh 1970 was the first time Scotland hosted the event, and the Games were opened on this day 50 years ago.

Scotland finished fourth in the medals table, winning six gold, eight silver and 11 bronze.

"The Edinburgh 1970 Games marked Scotland’s entry onto the world stage as a host of multi-sport events and paved the way for the many high-profile international events we continue to attract today," said Commonwealth Games Scotland chairman Paul Bush.

"Scotland has continued its position central to the Commonwealth Games Movement, cementing its importance in the hearts of the Scottish public and with our athletes. 

"To be celebrating the golden anniversary of those Games is most apt as everyone who was there remembers those winning moments, with Lachie and Ian Stewart and a host of others inspiring future generations."

Ian Stewart, who led a Scottish one-two in the men's 5,000 metres, remembers the event was "was a quite an occasion for us all".

"Having the Scotland crowd behind you in a place like Edinburgh was phenomenal, a crowd like that could be worth 10 metres, and it could be 10 metres you win by."

Australia topped the medals table with 36 golds and 82 podium finishes in total, while Canada were second and England third.

Meadowbank Stadium - built for the Games - was the main venue.

Ian Stewart, left, was one of six Scottish gold medallists ©Getty Images
Ian Stewart, left, was one of six Scottish gold medallists ©Getty Images

The 1970 Games also marked the first time that metric units were used instead of imperial ones, and were called the British Commonwealth Games at the timebut started to become known as the "Friendly Games".

Edinburgh went on to host the Games again in 1986, while Glasgow was 2014's host city.

Dame Louise Martin, President of the Commonwealth Games Federation, commented: "Scotland has made a huge contribution to the Commonwealth Sports Movement and it is a special moment to be celebrating the 50th anniversary of Edinburgh 1970.

"It marked the first time ever that the Games were held in Scotland before they returned to the city of Edinburgh in 1986 during a difficult period of political sporting boycotts. 

"Had Edinburgh not hosted the 1986 event, there may be no Commonwealth Games today. 

"The Games returned to Scotland most recently in Glasgow in 2014 for an amazing festival of Commonwealth Sport. 

"It was a fantastic edition of the Games that is widely considered one of the greatest in the history of our Movement.

"On this special anniversary, I would like to thank everyone who has been and continues to be involved with Commonwealth Sport in Scotland for their huge contribution which has allowed us to build a Movement that goes from strength to strength."

Commonwealth Games Scotland said it hoped to bring athletes from 1970, as well as Commonwealth Games that came before and after, together to celebrate the 50th anniversary in person when possible, as well as marking the 90th anniversary of the first Games in Hamilton in Canada.