The RBU has called an election for next month ©RBU

The Russian Biathlon Union (RBU) has scheduled an extraordinary elective conference for July amid a dispute between members of the embattled body's Executive Board.

RBU President Vladimir Drachev, who has faced calls to resign from the position, told Russia's official state news agency TASS that the Board had agreed to convene the meeting on July 11.

Drachev, however, has expressed his opposition to staging the conference.

The 54-year-old four-time world champion, whose term expires at the end of this year, said he had written to regional officials at the RBU to outline his concern over the cost of the meeting.

The coronavirus pandemic has placed considerable strain on sports organisations across the world, and Drachev said money should be diverted to "solving current problems" instead of towards holding an elective conference, which could take place remotely.

Vladimir Drachev's position as RBU President has come under threat in recent months ©Getty Images
Vladimir Drachev's position as RBU President has come under threat in recent months ©Getty Images

"In order for me to participate in the elections, first I need to remove myself from my post," Drachev said. 

"I already wrote to the regions my position on this score, it is extremely simple. 

"We don’t have extra money now, and if someone suddenly has money to pay for this large-scale event for the federation, there is only one question: why is there money for intrigue, but there is no money for creating and solving current problems?"

The development comes following confusion around the composition of the coaching staff for the men's and women's teams.

Yury Kaminsky and Mikhail Shashilov have been recommended for roles with the men's and women's squads, respectively, by the RBU Executive Board, despite Robert Kabukov and Vladimir Korolkevich receiving the most votes from the ruling body last month.

Drachev appears to have vetoed the appointment of Kabukov and Korolkevich, instead proposing Kaminsky and Shashilov for the roles.

"I am a compromise person, but probably someone mistook this for weakness," Drachev added.