Austria's alpine skiing team are beginning a training camp ©Getty Images

The Austrian Ski Federation (ÖSV) has begun Alpine skiing training programmes with athletes receiving tests for coronavirus, as sporting facilities gradually reopen in the country.

The training programmes are aimed at preparing athletes for the upcoming winter season, with all athletes and staff receiving coronavirus tests before and after the training camp.

"Of course, the health of our athletes and their supervisors is our top priority," Peter Schröcksnadel, ÖSV President, said.

"All ÖSV employees, athletes, trainers and supervisors from all areas are tested on COVID-19 using so-called PCR tests.

"The alpines in particular are tested twice.

"Before arriving at the training camp to make sure that they are not infected and before leaving to make sure that they have not been infected during the training.

"This double certainty not only protects our athletes, but also their personal environment.

"We are also planning a scientific study on antibody tests with experts".

The ÖSV said the minimum stay for athletes and staff is eight days at the training camp.

Teams will train within small groups and avoid contact with third parties, with ÖSV adding that all participants receive precise instructions to ensure all regulations for the safe use of sporting facilities are observed.

Athletes and staff will receive tests prior to and after the training camp ©Getty Images
Athletes and staff will receive tests prior to and after the training camp ©Getty Images

ÖSV sports director Toni Giger will be responsible for implementing measures at the training camp, which were developed by the ÖSV and Wolfgang Schobesberger, a medical doctor from Innsbruck.

"All athletes and their supervisory staff were prepared for the start of training and instructed to avoid any risk of infection," Giger said.

"For us, the following applies: always a little more carefully than prescribed."

A timetable for the training programmes was developed as part of "Optimal Sports", a recently introduced ÖSV programme for quality assurance.

The ÖSV said it hopes the training programme can show the role and importance of sport in creating positive social developments in Austria as the country attempts to emerge from the coronavirus crisis.

The organisation said it was to be a pioneer for a modern and responsible framework of conditions for sport.