Sandra Näslund is among the ski cross training groups ©Getty Images

The Swedish Ski Association has confirmed training groups for alpine skiing and ski cross ahead of the 2020 and 2021 season.

The organisation said they are seeking closer collaboration across alpine skiing and ski cross, with Lars Melin becoming the national team manager for disciplines.

"I think we are on a good track” said Melin.

"We work to create continuity in our work to develop our riders.

"There are only minor adjustments made in the training groups and we also retain the body in our training organisation.

"We nominate large training groups among the men, then we work with a special speed organisation on both the women's and men's side", said Melin.

"We have many juniors on both the men's and women's side who are part of the training groups.

"In terms of experience, we have also seen that it works great for our ski gyms to work with and develop those riders."

The ski cross training group will include Alexandra Edebo, Sandra Näslund, David Mobärg, Erik Mobärg, Elliot Barolo and Viktor Andersson.

Näslund claimed ski cross gold at the 2017 World Championships, while she topped the overall World Cup standings for the discipline for the second time this season.

Two women’s alpine skiing training groups have been established, with two-time World Championship medallist Anna Swenn-Larsson joined in a group with Charlotta Säfvenberg, Emelie Wikström, Estelle Alphand, Magdalena Fjällström and Sara Hector.

Youth Olympic Games gold medallist Adam Hofstedt is in the second men's alpine training group ©Getty Images
Youth Olympic Games gold medallist Adam Hofstedt is in the second men's alpine training group ©Getty Images

Elsa Fermbäck, Emelie Henning, Emma Sahlin, Hanna Aronsson-Elfman, Hilma Lövblom, Jonna Luthman, Lisa Nyberg, Liv Ceder, Moa Müssener-Boström and Sara Rask feature in the second training group.

A speed training group will be comprised of Ida Dannewitz, Lin Ivarsson and Lisa Hörnblad.

Gustav Lundbäck, Kristoffer Jakobsen, Lukas Karlberg, Mattias Rönngren, Tobias Hedström, Tobias Windingstad and William Hansson will feature in the first men’s training group.

Lausanne 2020 Winter Youth Olympic gold medallist Adam Hofstedt is included in the second men’s alpine skiing training group.

He will be joined by Alfred Olsson, Axel Lindqvist, Carl Jonsson, Gustav Lindqvist, Jesper Brändholm, Lukas Ermeskog, Philip Lundquist and William Jonsson.

 A speed group is comprised of Alexander Köll, Felix Monsén, Johan Hagberg and Olle Sundin.