FISU has launched a final search for themes and ideas for its 2021 World Conference, taking place in Chengdu alongside the Summer World University Games ©FISU

The International University Sports Federation (FISU) has launched a final call for themes and ideas for its 2021 World Conference, which takes place during next year's Summer World University Games in China.

The three-day conference explores student development through sport and runs alongside 12 days of sporting competition in Chengdu in August 2021.

The Summer World University Games were due to take place between August 16 to 27 2021, but were moved back two days later last month following the postponement by 12 months of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Conference organisers are currently seeking themes and ideas for the conference and welcome applications from prospective students, scholars and researchers, although the deadline for submissions is not far away - April 30.

The themes submitted by contributors should reflect the characteristics of university sports and education, conform to the slogan of the World University Games - "Chengdu makes dreams come true", comply with the hosting conception of "sustainable, smart, spirited and shared", be in line with FISU's guideline of "today's star, tomorrow's leader," and meet the slogan standards of "balanced, concise, and easy to read and spread."

Next year's FISU World Conference in Chengdu is expected to attract anywhere between 200 and 500 attendees ©FISU
Next year's FISU World Conference in Chengdu is expected to attract anywhere between 200 and 500 attendees ©FISU

All submitted items should feature work consisting of one theme and four special topics which should be related to the content of the theme.

Work must be submitted in both Chinese and English, with annotation explaining the ideas behind the works.

Submissions should be either posted or hand-delivered to Room 40448, Building 4, Tianfu International Financial Center, Financial City, High-tech Zone, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, postal code 610041 or e-mailed to [email protected] with "Theme for World University Games Chengdu FISU World Conference" in the subject bar.

Next year's World Conference is likely to attract between 200 and 500 participants from between 25 and 40 countries, including scholars, university sports managers, representatives from international sport and non-sport federations, future FISU events organisers, and other members of the FISU family.

Alongside any submitted material the conference will feature presentations on the conclusions drawn from the forums at the 2017 Summer Universiade in Taipei and the 2019 Winter Universiade in Krasnoyarsk.

Other activities will include lectures, plenary sessions and other programmes, while the Chengdu 2021 conference will also focus on the issues and opportunities surrounding host country China's aims in relation to physical activity and educational development.