Pavel Kulizhnikov has supported food deliveries in Russia ©Getty Images

Russia’s multiple speed skating world champion Pavel Kulizhnikov has helped to deliver food parcels during the coronavirus pandemic.

The 25-year-old was pictured on Instagram by the Russian Skating Union delivering a food parcel, wearing gloves and a mask.

The deliveries come as vulnerable people are being encouraged to stay at home during the coronavirus crisis.

In a lighted-hearted post, the Russian Skating Union stated that Kulizhikov was responsible for the fastest food delivery in the world.

The comment comes with Kulizhikov having broken the men's 1,000m world record in February.

“The mask is in place, the gloves are in place - all safety precautions are observed,” the Russian Skating Union wrote.

“This is the fastest food delivery in the world.

“Pavel Kulizhnikov helped distribute products to pensioners.”

Kulizhnikov is among the latest athletes to provide support for their community during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Russian had enjoyed a successful season as he claimed two gold medals at the World Single Distance Championships in Salt Lake City.

He also won three gold medals at the European Championships in Heerenveen.

Russia have recorded more than 27,000 coronavirus cases to date, with 232 people reportedly having died in the country.

Over 2.1 million cases have been reported worldwide since the outbreak began, resulting in more than 144,000 deaths to date.