Top surfers have spoken up in favour of the Lacanau/Bordeaux bid to host Paris 2024 surfing ©Lacanau/Bordeaux bid

Former World Surf League (WSL) medallists have spoken up in favour of the Lacanau/Bordeaux bid to hold the Paris 2024 surfing competition.

The bid, which is in competition with other prospective sites Biarritz and - controversially - Tahiti, was launched on July 12, and organisers are now reporting they are "delighted" by the positive response their common bid has already generated in their region of the Gironde in south-west France.

Among the bid's supporters are Australia's Gary Elkerton, a WSL world silver medallist in 1987, 1990 and 1993, and WSL world champion in 1992 and 1999, Brazil's Flavio Padaratz.

"I don't think there should be any question or doubt that surfing in the Olympics should be here in Lacanau," Elkerton said.

"It is the birthplace of professional surfing in Europe, it is very accessible for everybody, the beachfront is very clean, Bordeaux is a city which is magnificent and it is right next door."

Padaratz added: "Lacanau is built for surfing, it breathes surfing.

"There are thousands of kids surfing at the beach every day, the Lacanau Pro exists for 40 years, it is one of the oldest contests in the world.

A young blind boy benefits from a See Surf event at the Lacanau beach in south-west France held last year ©Getty Images
A young blind boy benefits from a See Surf event at the Lacanau beach in south-west France held last year ©Getty Images

"It shows how much tradition matters in this place… surfing is about this town, it is written in the history of this town and besides of that, it deserves for all it has done for surfing."

A release issued jointly by the City of Lacanau and the Bordeaux Metropolis said: "All institutional, economical, and sporting stakeholders came together unanimously to back up the idea since its inception.

"It resulted in a constructive and positive dialogue addressing challenges around mobility and transport, sustainable development, coastline protection and social inclusion.

"The bid has a natural legitimacy, building from its stunning and protected environment as it is reflected in its logo 'SurfByNature'.

"With 40 years of experience organising the Lacanau Pro, the oldest professional surfing competition in Europe and a key stage of the WSL Circuit which has revealed champions like Kelly Slater and Justine Dupont - a local native - Lacanau enthuses thousands of people and fans each summer.

"With 17 kilometers of natural beaches, the City registers 21 surfing schools including the Lacanau Surf Club - with 1,200 annual affiliates - which has been a pioneer in France to promote surfing,"

The Lacanau Bordeaux Metropolis' bid proposes a competition at the heart of Lacanau City, just three hours from downtown Paris by train.

Earlier this month, an International Olympic Committee official said there were "no obstacles" to the surfing being held in Tahiti, which is more than 15,000km away from the French capital.

Lacanau/Bordeaux is a compact bid where all venues will be located within a three-kilometres area.

The release continued: "For many years, Lacanau and Bordeaux have been committed to promote sport and its universal values.

"It resulted in seeing Bordeaux being awarded European City of Sport in 2015.

"Recently, Lacanau was among the first group of Cities to be certified 'Terre de Jeux' by Paris 2024 after one of its school also received the certification 'Generation 2024'.

"Lacanau intends to establish a European Development Centre that would include training, capacity building and technological research."