Luciano Rossi has explained the reason behind his decision to withdraw his CAS appeal ©Facebook

Luciano Rossi has called on members of the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) to reject any attempt to centralise the power onto a single body within the organisation, prior to a vote on its new constitution this week.

The new ISSF constitution will be voted on by the membership at an Extraordinary General Assembly in Munich on Saturday (December 7).

It has divided opinion within the organisation and some believe the vote is an indirect referendum on the leadership of Vladimir Lisin, elected ISSF President last November.

Installing a one federation per country system and establishing 12-year term limits for "all ISSF body members" - including the President - are among key changes being proposed.

Critics claim the document will centralise the main decision-making power on the Executive Committee and effectively render the General Assembly - the supreme organisation of the ISSF - obsolete, an accusation the ISSF leadership denies.

Vladimir Lisin, left, is hoping the new constitution is passed during the General Assembly in Munich ©ISSF
Vladimir Lisin, left, is hoping the new constitution is passed during the General Assembly in Munich ©ISSF

"I think of the importance of firmly rejecting any attempt to centralise decision-making powers into a single body," Rossi wrote on Facebook. 

"I believe that comparing ideas and opinions and widely sharing decisions are the fundamental prerequisites for looking to the future with democracy."

The vote on the constitution is expected to be close and could be conducted in secret if 20 per cent of the membership agree.

Russian billionaire Lisin spearheaded the last attempted overhaul of the ISSF constitution back in 2016, but it was rejected at that year's General Assembly.

Rossi has also claimed he withdrew his appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) against the result of the November 2018 election, where he lost by 148 votes to 144, to "concentrate all my energies in defence of our sport, transparency and good governance".

The controversial Italian was this week ordered to pay part of the ISSF's legal costs and cover the expense of the arbitration, which insidethegames understands is minimal as Rossi withdrew before a panel could be convened in the case.

In a statement, the ISSF described his appeal as "senseless".

The Italian official had sought to annul the result of the election after he claimed to have concrete evidence the vote was "irregular".