Paris 2024 will discard their iconic logo for a new one on Monday ©Getty Images

Paris 2024 organisers have announced that they will launch a new emblem and logo on Monday (October 21) that embodies the wider vision of the Olympic Games - and it will not feature the Eiffel Tower.

The bid logo used by Paris, suggesting both the iconic tower and the number 24 in the same graphic, has been described as smart and effective. 

But after making a presentation here to the Association of National Olympic Committees General Assembly, Etienne Thobois, the Paris 2024 chief executive, told insidethegames that the new logo would not include any reference to the Tower.

"This is part of a rebooting exercise," he told the Assembly.

"We will launch a new emblem and logo to show our vision.

"We want this new logo to express better our values, who we are and our ambition.

"We want this logo to say something about the Paris 2024 vision: 'The benefit of society and the benefit for all.'"

Thobois began his address by pointing out to delegates that there was, deliberately, no branding involved in either his presentation or upon his person.

The Paris 2024 website and Twitter account were similarly neutral.

The slide used in the Paris 2024 presentation offered some broad clues about the direction of travel, featuring a number of messages including "Sport Changes Lives", "The Energy of the Games for the benefit of all" and "Revolutionary Games: Spectacular and Sustainable".

Paris 2024 revealed their official logo for their Olympic and Paralympic Games bid in 2016, using a design described as a modern interpretation of the French capital's Eiffel Tower.

Unveiled at 20:24 Central European Time, the logo was projected onto another of the city's most famous landmarks, Arc de Triomphe, in front of a crowd of spectators.

Speaking at the launch, co-chairman of the Paris 2024 bid Bernard Lapasset stressed that the design reflected upon the city's history, as well as its dynamism and ambition.

"The new visual identity of the Paris 2024 campaign reflects the values and ambitions of our bid," Lapasset said. 

"We believe this logo captures the essence of Paris as a forward-thinking, modern capital city that is also proud to celebrate its rich culture and heritage.

"As we progress in our campaign to host the Games in 2024, it is wonderful to be here in the heart of the city with thousands of Parisians and people from all over to world to see our bid logo displayed on an iconic global landmark."

Now Paris 2024 has the confidence to move beyond its icon.