More than half of the survey said Olympic Games’ participation was the highest or an extremely high priority for the World Flying Disc Federation ©WFDF

A survey published by the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) has highlighted Olympic Games inclusion as the highest priority for the sport.

The survey, which had 1,961 respondents, ran between June and July and saw 53.4 per cent of participants place the Olympics at the top of the WFDF's priorities moving forward. 

It also revealed that 91.6 per cent see Ultimate as their primary disc sport, with 27.8 per cent indicating they have been actively involved with disc golf.

"WFDF thanks everyone who participated," said President Robert Rauch.

"This is very useful to our efforts to get input directly from the athletes and other members of the community.

"We wanted to gather demographic information about the disc sports community that could be used to support promotional efforts to further the sport, and to get input on a variety of topics that are currently being discussed."

The survey was the third of its kind commissioned by WFDF, with the first released in 2014 and a second in 2016.

An overwhelming 91.6 per cent of participants cited Ultimate as their primary disc sport ©WFDF
An overwhelming 91.6 per cent of participants cited Ultimate as their primary disc sport ©WFDF

They have been designed to gather input from athletes, coaches, administrators, tournament directors and anyone else involved with disc sports around the globe.

More than 35 per cent of respondents said they had participated in a World Championship event and 54.6 per cent of those surveyed were aged 17 to 23.

A total of 65.5 per cent had attained a university degree with responses coming from 70 countries.

The biggest group were the 21 per cent based in Germany, with 11 per cent living in the United States and 10 per cent in Britain.

"In highlighting some of the opinion topics, we note that respondents gave reasonably high marks to the championship events of WFDF, averaging 'good' or better than two on a five point scale where 'one' was excellent," added Rauch. 

"Events are the highest priority followed by the growth and development of the sport and more game broadcast access. 

"Over 50.5 per cent supported Ultimate being played on a self-officiating with WFDF game advisors, while only 3.6 per cent supported the use of referees."