Less than half of the tickets available for the Lima 2019 Pan American Games have been sold ©Lima 2019

Lima 2019 have claimed that 450,000 tickets have been sold for the Pan American Games, with 25,000 tickets bought every day on average since the Opening Ceremony.

A Lima 2019 spokesperson had cited the figure at 360,000 yesterday, with organisers now claiming that 450,000 tickets have been snapped up.

Around 800,000 tickets were put up for sale in total. 

The unsold tickets have been attributed to the football competition taking up a significant part of ticketing, with matches being played at the 32,000-seater Estadio Universidad San Marcos.

Lima 2019 claim that, without football, 81 per cent of tickets for the Games have been sold.

Football has still proven popular among spectators, alongside volleyball and basketball.

Gymnastics, diving and athletics have also sold well, exceeding Lima 2019's expectations.

Tickets for preliminary competition rounds start from 20 sol (£4.36/$6/€5.36) with finals starting at 30 sol (£7.10/$9/€8.04). 

Under-18s, seniors and disabled people are eligible for 50 per cent discounts.

Sports such as volleyball have proven popular among spectators ©Lima 2019
Sports such as volleyball have proven popular among spectators ©Lima 2019

Questions have been raised over empty seats at venues when the session is supposedly sold out.

"We have been asked about the tickets and why we see some empty stands," said Lima 2019 spokesperson Carlos Manuel Lazarte.

"We have some tickets which are for a morning and evening session. 

"Some watched the early session and can go in and out of the venue.

"Because they have the ticket we have to save that seat.

"In other cases, the tickets have sold but the ticket holders arrive late, while there are some tickets that are not for sale which are reserved for athletes and their families."

Lima 2019 has begun taking measures to tackle these issues.

"There is an option for leaving the ticket when they leave the venue," said Lazarte.

"This ticket can then be taken at no cost for someone who wants to access it.

"The ticket holder can leave it at the door."

In total, 39 sports will be contested until August 11, with an estimated 6,700 athletes expected to compete. 

Action is taking place at three main clusters, including Villa Deportiva Nacional Videna and Villa María del Triunfo.